At a stone’s throw from the Mahalasa Narayani Temple, All the functions of the temple can be heard and seen, the location of the residency is most convenient for anybody who has any sort of religious inclination.

The proximity to Panjim [it being merely 13 kms] and easy transport facilities [cars,buses] available make the place an easily accessible place.

The benefits given by the Residency on the travelling needs of the persons residing therein complement the various other facilities that would make your visit to Goa truly memorable.
The necessities to lead a Stay that would be Truly Religious in every sense of the term in as much as each Room is having a Sandhyavandan Book and the necessary equipment for doing the Sandhyas which is ‘dear to Lord Vishnu’ is just the beginning.

The spiritual glow to the building attracts the mind of a passerby also in as much as the replicas of Saptarashis are indeed a sight to behold.

Dashavatars the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu are found in this place with their stories inscribed which are a joy beyond words.

The A.C. Deluxe Apartment Rooms and the Deluxe Apartment Rooms are distinctly and refreshingly different from any mundane lodgings which cater only to the physical needs.
The Library facility and the availability of Toys facility [for children] in the entire set up makes the place enviable.